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I’m a web and print content creator and multimedia manager with a strong background in digital marketing. I have experience developing internal and external communication strategies for health and education systems, and I am proficient in both designing and maintaining high-quality websites.


I have a bachelor's degree in film and video, with a specialization in advertising and PR, from Grand Valley State University. I believe DEI work is incredibly important and am a huge advocate for user accessibility.


My expertise in content management systems, SEO tools, and analytic software allows me to proficiently design websites, increase web visibility, and track campaigns’ performance. I have extensive experience in digital advertising, graphic design, and photo/video editing. I am a highly motivated, organized, and versatile individual who is looking to work with a close-knit, dedicated team.

Applicant for Digital Communications Manager

Please click on the logos below to view some of the work I've done for each organization.

Health Systems

Nursing Organizations

Community Initiatives


Healthcare Insurers

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