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On the 23rd of October,

Alison & Wes

wed in holy matrimony.

After meeting each other at Grand Valley State University, Wes and Alison shortly fell in love. After graduating, Alison and Wes embarked on building their new career paths with the dream of owning their own home. After sharing a home together and many, many stories, Wes proposed to Alison with the blessing of her parents, Mark and Linda Work. On October 23rd of 2021, their wedding ceremony began a little before 4:30. They couldn’t wait.

This landing page is meant to document, archive, and share Alison and Wes’ wedding day, a day of pure love and happiness.

The Wedding Video

Alison's Vows
Wes' Vows

The Director's Cut

The Extended Cut

Thank you to everyone who was a part of the big, wonderful day! But to those who weren't in attendance, I hope you experience the event's love and warmth throughout this video.


View the gallery below or download a .zip file, containing the same photo album.

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